National Day Camel Marathon

In its quest to sustaining widespread heritage, in alignment with the Center’s vision, HHC’s Championships Department launched the First Camel Marathon on the 3rd of December 2015. It coincided with UAE’s 44th National Day and was held in Dubai’s Al Marmoom’s area. Being the one and only camel marathon in the world, the distance of the race was initially set between 21-25 kilometers.

To achieve the Center’s mission, of creating competitions for nationals of all age groups, with promising talents, UAE citizens from the age of 15 and above, were allowed to compete in the marathon. In 2016, the marathon’s name changed to National Day Camel Marathon, since it represents a cultural celebration on a significant day.

The aim of the marathon is to preserve one of the Beduin’s most precious animal, and prompt nationals to ride, preserve and train it, in order to enhance competitions in the popular domestic camel races.