Fazza Championship for Falconry – Live Prey

The Fazza Championship for Falconry – Live Prey is one of the most keenly anticipated falconry competitions. Live hunting means that the prey is a live bird launched as the first for the falconer, who would be first to capture it to become the owner of the most important figure. Many veterans regard it as the fiercest and most important of all falconry contests. The “Telwah” competitions have proven a major attraction not only for falconers but equally for sports photographers, who look forward to attending these competitions to capture rare, exciting images of the falcons chasing after and hunting down their prey. The competitions are staged within a traditional atmosphere befitting the heritage and history of the sport. At the same time, the championship is known for its use of the latest modern technology as well as the state-of-the-art facilities that are offered to participants and the public, such as special lounges equipped with digital TV screens.

The participating birds are required to undergo medical tests prior to the start of competitions, and a small transparent ring that electronically scans and stores all necessary information relating to the falcon is placed on the feet of each bird. Substantial cash prizes await the winners of these competitions.