Fazza Championship for Falconry – Tilwah category

The Fazza Championship for Falconry began more than 15 years ago, with a collection of contestants who practiced hunting with falcons. In more recent years this has begun to attract more falconers and gain widespread popularity across UAE communities.

Since its early beginnings, the competition has called for flying the most famous breeds of falcons in the region in a speed race which covers a distance of 400 meters. Later, more classifications, including ‘pure’ and ‘hybrid’ falcons were introduced to meet growing demand by amateurs and professionals in the field. The organising committee of the Fazza Championships for Falconry continued to increase the number of categories and the overall size of championships to ensure transparency, quality and to encourage contestants.

The Tilwah, which means the lures that are held at the finish line by the ‘Daou’ (the caller of the falcon), is regarded as the only model of its kind in the world. It requires a high level of training for falcons competing in the race.

Eventually, as the number of contestants grew in size and in demand both locally and regionally, The Fakhr Al Ajyal Championship and Al Furoukh were introduced besides the main championship of Tilwah.