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Our Vision:

To be a reference and a reliable source for maintaining, writing down, documenting, and disseminating the national heritage of the UAE.

Our Message:

  1. National heritage is a national issue that is given a high priority;
  2. Promoting the national heritage of the UAE, handing it over from one generation to the other, and establishing the values of heritage within the Emirati community;
  3. Propagating the heritage of the UAE locally, regionally, and globally;
  4. Presenting a documented national heritage that is derived from studies and academic research, and heritage events that reflect the people of the UAE and their environment; and
  5. The national heritage is an integral part of the Emirati national identity.

Our Objectives:

  1. To fund, publish, and print out historical and heritage related research papers;
  2. To issue and fund books in the field of history and heritage of the UAE;
  3. To collect, write down, and document the oral history and heritage of the UAE;
  4. To enter into partnerships with research and heritage centers inside and outside the UAE;
  5. To create academic chairs in educational institutions inside and outside the UAE;
  6. To establish a specialized, pioneering library in terms of quality of the references; scientific periodicals; specialized magazines; and audio, visual, and electronic materials, in order to be a center for studies and research on the UAE and other countries;
  7. To develop the skills of Emirati researchers and nurture them in the field of heritage and how to collect and maintain it;
  8. To encourage Emirati citizens to conduct academic research in the field of heritage and to engage them in the preparation of research and studies the Heritage Department at the center intends to conduct; and
  9. To give courses, seminars, and lectures and hold academic gathering in the field of heritage.