Library Services

The delivery of services to the beneficiaries is of a great significance to Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center Library, given that services are the final product of a set of processes, tools, techniques, systems, efforts, and time that all come together to form a group of distinguished services provided by the library.

The serviced offered are divided in to three sections:

  1. Basic Services:

The services the library commonly provides to beneficiaries, the most important of which are: Information services; guiding services; reference services; and borrowing of materials (for use inside or outside the library), periodicals, and newspapers.

  1. E-Services:

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center Library deploys state of the art technology and electronic means and provides sophisticated, swift services to meet the wishes and needs of the public at ease and in a timely fashion, in order to save time, effort, and money and to make the maximum amount of information accessible and retrievable. These services are: Automated Search Service and Internet Service.

III. Support Services, Including:

  1. Black-and-white and color photocopying of books and documents;
  2. Black-and-white and color printing using the library’s PCs;
  3. Sending and receiving faxes; and
  4. Scanning.

In addition to basic services, such as borrowing and references; Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center Library uniquely offers a range of activities, the most significant of which are:

  1. Competitions and workshops;
  2. Cultural competitions and incentives;
  3. Lectures and seminars; and
  4. Visits.