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The Center is currently focusing on the continuous development of its existing major programmes, such as the Fazaa Championships and the Watheqati initiative, by expanding their scope and influence to bring the UAE closer to achieving its goal of establishing a strong national identity, and raise awareness about the ancient Emirati heritage across all segments of society. We also intend to intensify cooperation with government entities, cultural centers and educational institutions within the UAE, in order to support research programmes and organise various cultural activities aimed at preserving a number of skills and heritage activities. In addition, the Center is currently working on finalising its calendar of events and activities and we will have a strong showing at Expo 2020.

The work of defining the UAE’s culture and heritage and disseminating it amongst an international audience, is considered to be one of the most important reasons for establishing the Center in accordance to the Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center vision and mission. This includes the involvement of many expatriates in various social and cultural initiatives, to help integrate them in their local communities. We have made great strides to ensure their participation in many events organised by the Center. These include popular sporting occasions along the lines of the Fazza Championships and many other cultural initiatives, such as the ‘Poetry Competition for Children’ and the ‘Qasidah par Coeur Competition’, which are open to participation for all citizens and expatriates who live in the United Arab Emirates. Expatriates and tourists constitute a significant amount of the public who are keen to attend many of the competitions organised by the Center, particularly the Fazza Championship for Falconry and Fazza Youla Championship for Adults, which provide a unique opportunity to learn more about these great heritage activities.

The Fazza Championships represent a series of Heritage Sports Championships, which are held annually in Dubai under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and organised by the Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center.
This Center has been launched in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates, and to provide an opportunity for young Emiratis to participate competitively in a various heritage sports, through dedicated tournaments conducted in accordance with the highest international standards. Every year the competitions attract thousands of professionals and amateurs drawn from a variety of different cultures to compete in various sports heritage fields such as falconry, Youla, freediving and shooting. The Center also organises the Fazza Championships, which are held in different locations across Dubai and are widely considered to be one of the most popular sporting events in the United Arab Emirates, and a leader amongst global heritage competitions, with a characteristic grand prize and range of high-value and desirable prizes.
The Fazza Championships schedule includes the following:
• Fazza Championship for Falconry
• Fazza Championship for Shooting - Saktoun (Male & Female)
• Fazza Championship for Shooting – Saktouun (locals only)
• Fazza Championship for Freediving
• Fazza Youla Championship for Adults
• Fazza Youla Championship for School
• Saluki Championship
• Fazza National Athletics Championships for the Disabled
• Fazza International Championships for the Disabled
• Fazza IPC Athletics Grand Prix - Dubai

This is an initiative launched by Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center in August 2014 under the Directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai. The initiative aims to preserve and document the UAE’s national heritage and provide a reference and a reliable source for future generations, by saving and recording their historical documents, collectibles, and archived material.

Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center has devoted efforts towards documenting the ancient cultural heritage of the UAE and the habits of its peoples for future generations of Emiratis, achieved through the organisation of events, competitions and activities. The Center aims to preserve traditional sports and cultural activities, consolidating national identity, whilst contributing to the preservation and documentation of the UAE’s national heritage, and providing a reliable historical reference and source for future generations.
The objectives include the following:
- Preservation, documentation and codification of the UAE’s national heritage, supported by studies and research which provide essential sources and reference materials to researchers in this field.
- Preserve UAE heritage for future generations of citizens and residents in the United Arab Emirates.
- To use audio–visual and online media outlets to disseminate UAE heritage at local, regional and global levels
- Consolidate traditional cultures in UAE society and promote awareness of Emirati values, customs and traditions
- Adapt to the modern world to secure UAE heritage.
- Invest and employ the UAE’s national heritage in educational, cultural and media fields.

Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center aims to provide a reliable source for the conservation, codification, documentation and dissemination of the UAE’s national heritage, locally, regionally and globally.
- UAE national heritage is considered an important priority for the country.
- To Enhance the UAE’s national heritage and transfer it between generations, ensuring UAE society remains rooted in Emirati values.
- To inform people about the cultural and historical heritage of the UAE on a local, regional and global level
- UAE national heritage is guaranteed and dependent on studies and scientific research
- Support and encourage events that reflect the essence of UAE heritage
- National Heritage is part of the UAE's national identity

The Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center is located at Jumeirah – Al Manara Street in Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum issued resolution No. 1 on the sixth of April 2013 to establish the Center.

Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center works towards preserving both tangible and intangible heritage for current and future generations. The Center organises events, competitions and tournaments and sponsors sports and hobbies all year round, including falconry, Youla, poetry, diving, shooting and the Saluki Championship. The Center also conducts research on heritage, cultural activities and the history of the UAE and its people, in order to create a reliable reference point for each student and researcher as it seeks to serve the community and future generations.

The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center is a leading platform that combines many initiatives to preserve and promote the UAE's national identity on the local, regional and international levels. The Center represents a dependent and reliable source for the preservation of UAE national heritage, achieved through the organisation of various events, competitions and specialised heritage research, aimed towards conserving the UAE’s history and heritage. The Center also collaborates with leading institutions and universities to conduct and support research, workshops and activities geared towards preserving traditional sports and cultural activities, to disseminate Emirati heritage across generations.