Driven by its objectives of diversity and comprehensive approaches in the process of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in the UAE, HHC established Al Oula Radio station in 2014. It was a starting point for the establishment of a new department of radio stations. It was named Al Oula Radio Network and includes Al Oula Radio and Dubai Holy Quran. The Radio Station department serves as the media arm of HHC’s departments, government and non-government entities. It is a specialized media platform covering domestic news and the cultural heritage events across the Emirates. 

Al Oula is a national, heritage and Emirati radio station. It was launched in 2014, on the frequency 107.4. Driven by its tenet “From the people to the people”, Al Oula embarked on a journey, to reassure its heritage lineage and the depth of its vision stemming from UAE’s social roots. 

Since heritage sets the fundaments of the present and the future, and is one of the key aspects of enhancing national identity, and passing it on to coming generations, Al Oula stands as the ideal media platform to realize this mission. It was launched by HHC to continue the journey of reviving national cultural heritage and pass it on to coming generations, in Emirati Arabic language and accent, resembling the national voice to various topics related to UAE’s society.

Al Oula is distinguished for its modern media approach, exciting topics and its fast pace news coverage. Thanks to its vision, affluence and nearness to members of the local community. Al Oula’s team comprises of renowned Emirati presenters, from all age groups and genders, some of whom, have left a strong footprint on the local media platforms.


Disseminate UAE’s cultural heritage, in order for it, to be vivid and inseparable from the future of coming generations. 


Spread local heritage in a renewed modern form by engaging current, existing media tools.

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Dubai Holy Quran radio was launched on June, 6th, 2016, on the frequency 91.4. The date coincided with the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. Dubai Holy Quran transmits a radio broadcast dedicated to the recitations of the holy Quran with the voices of elite reciters, and programs, specialized in the interpretation of the Quran context in various narratives. The station continues to produce and broadcast daily programs throughout the year, with a special devotion to the holy month of Ramadan. Its sole purpose is to embed the fundaments of Islamic concepts and create a bonded society tied by the virtuous teachings of Islam.


·       Consolidate the concepts of the Islamic religion such as tolerance, love, brotherhood and compassion.


·       Create a strong community linked to the Islamic religion’s tolerant teachings.

·       Introduce the listeners to the Holy Quran, and its provisions of Sharia; the interpretations of the Quranic texts and their true meanings.

·       Enhance the noble values derived from the Holy Quran. 


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