Fazza Championship for Freediving

The Fazza Championship for Freediving has been designed to embody the traditional ways of diving in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf, when earning a living required ancient denizens of the region to go diving for months in search of pearls – a key source of income. The freediving competition is divided into two categories – the first one caters to professionals while participation in the second category is limited to UAE citizens and GCC nationals. The competitions attract top divers from around the world who look forward to participating in the championship every year, and are attended by a large number of nationals and expatriates.

Divers do not use any tools or equipment underwater and instead rely on the traditional diving techniques employed by ancient mariners in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf region. When first launched, the tournament was held in the sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea before being moved indoors to the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Sports Complex in Al Ruwayyah, on the recommendation of the Organizing Committee of the championship.

The tournament plays a key role in bringing back the traditions and practices of the past and provides an opportunity for divers in the UAE and the GCC to compete against each other in a lively atmosphere that reflects the heritage and tradition of the region.