Fazza Youla Championship

The Fazza Youla Championship for Adults is the most traditional in terms of publicity. When spread a new cultural and national trend prevailed, calling for the absorbance of the cultural heritage in general, as well as motivating young people and children to exercise it. However, by the succession of the sessions of the championships even the audience of this art was doubled, to the extent that the time of the program transmitting live competitions, has become the height of follow up, while stadiums receiving guests in the global village, allocated in a vast area known as the “Kalat al maidan” or the castle field became entirely filled.

The Youla competitions, a thoroughbred art has its historical roots associated with enthusiasm, pride and joy, is based on the displaying of the competitor’s skills of control of the Youla weapons lightly and agility accompanied by rhythms, through a performance that has its own arts and traditions of putting an end and resolve the elements of excellence among competitor, which include the ability to lay down their weapons vertically and re-pick it easily and all arts of extracted groans and audience admiration.

This championship receives a large turnout of participants from the Gulf countries together with their brethren local, which makes the organizing committee often decide to set up a preliminary qualifiers in a number of Gulf states. However, the transformation of this traditional art through championships became one of the many ways to fame for participants who achieve mass popularity, to become later social figures referred to stigmatised.