Dubai, 4 February 2022:  Over 750 elite falcons have seen action in the General Public category of the 10th edition of Fakhr Al Ajyal (Pride of Generations) Falconry Championship organised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) at Dubai’s Al Ruwayyah desert area

Fakhr Al Ajyal, which will run until February 14, is considered as one of the most important and biggest falconry tournaments in the region in terms of participation and financial rewards for winners. Race categories include Jeer Shaheen, Jeer Tehba, Pure Jeer and Al Garmousha. 

Fakhr Al Ajyal is an elite event for falconers from inside and outside the country looking for excellence through the competitions. This is also a great gathering of fraternal meeting honouring traditional Arabian values of courage, honour and nobility as well as nature conservation, respect for animals and fostering camaraderie among falconers.

Race results

In the first Al Garmousha run,  Mubarak Matar Al Khaili’s falcon “97” won first place after covering the 400-metre distance with a time of 19.898 seconds. Rashid Saeed Al Mansouri came in second spot with his  bird named “Brouk” (20.206 seconds), followed by Muslim Saif Al Khaili’s bird “Haqwa” in third spot (20.353 seconds).

Jirnas race: Thani Abdullah Al Falasi’s bird “J2” finished first (19.737 seconds), followed by Ghanem bin Hamouda Al Dhaheri’s bird “AD 88” (20.351 seconds), and Ghadeer Saeed Al Mansouri’s “Farq” (20.472 seconds).

Farkh race: Muhammad Mubarak Al-Hajri grabbed first place with his bird “Dhaja” (19.911 seconds), followed by Ahmed Salem Al-Ketbi’s “Watan” (20.094 seconds) and Ahmed Ateeq Al-Muhairi’s bird “G72” (20.175 seconds).

Garmousha run: Juma Abdullah Al-Falahi’s bird “G2” topped the race with a time of 19.640 seconds, followed by Ahmed Saghir Al-Ketbi’s “Dimensions” (19.745 seconds) and Juma Abdullah Al-Falahi’s bird “G1” (19.809 seconds).

Fifth race: Sari Ghashem Al-Mansoori won the first place his bird “Dana” (20.435 seconds), followed by Ahmed Rashid Al Khaili’s “Al Dana” (20.455 seconds), and Muhammad Khalfan Al Mansouri’s bird “G1” (20.744 seconds).

Pure Jeer runs: Ahmed Ateeq Al Muhairi grabbed first place with his bird “B42” finishing in 18.113 seconds, followed by Saeed Mosbeh Al-Shadi’s “Lafan” (18.116 seconds), then Nasser Bathan Al-Mansoori’s falcon “Seven” (18.170 seconds).

Seventh run: Juma Abdullah Al Falahi’s bird “B4” won first place with a time of 18.095 seconds, followed by Muhammad Suhail Al Falasi’s bird “Diamond” (18.213 seconds) and Sultan Rashid Al Mansouri’s “Julmoud” (18.445 seconds).

Farkh race: Rashid Suhail Al-Marri’s bird “SBS” finished first (18.499 seconds; followed by Obaid Saeed Al-Mazrouei;s bird “Nasi” (18.860 seconds), then Saeed Mosbeh Al-Shadi’s falcon named “Polite”.

Main Jernas race: Ahmed Ateeq Al-Muhairi topped the run with his bird named “B58” finishing in 18.945 seconds, followed by Ahmed Saghir Al-Ketbi’s “Hado” (18.955 seconds), and Abdullah Al Falasi’s “Shamimi” (19.297 seconds).

Final run: Ahmed Rashid Al Khaili’s bird “P10” finished in first place with a time of 20.026 seconds, followed closely by Rashid Al Mansouri’s bird “Danger” (20.201 seconds) and Abdullah Rashid Al Mansouri’s bird “P30” (20.355 seconds).