Dubai –October 2023

Hamdan Bin Mohamed Heritage Center is preparing to participate in the “One World One Family” exhibition, which is being held under the patronage of Her Excellency Natalia Al Mansour, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, from November 1st to December 12th, in the Slovenian Pavilion in Dubai Expo city.

The exhibition revolves mainly around the ancient wisdom and proverbs given by the ancestors, the set of values ​​and traditions that were prevalent in past periods of time, and their application in the reality of modern times, given that these values are moral states with a deep-rooted spiritual connection to people’s psyches, their cultural and social values. They reside in their consciences and are reflected in their behaviour.

The exhibition sheds a light on the true understanding of beliefs, values, the significance of oral heritage to rely on in our contemporary history and how best to employ it in the service of societies to benefit from it in the optimal way for a more sustainable future.

The exhibition is coordinated and organized by Dr. Sasa Bavec, Director of the “Live with A Green Heart” organization, who started this project a few years ago and visited several countries to understand and study their history and local culture.

His Excellence, Abdullah Hamdan Bin Dalmouk, CEO of Hamdan Bin Mohamed Heritage Center has commented: “Such exhibitions strengthen the relationships that bind cultures together and allow us to present an image of the culture and heritage of the UAE, through oral heritage and a collection of wisdom and proverbs that have been passed down throughout history, to which the exhibition will devote a large space.”

Her Excellency Natalia Al-Mansour, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, also pointed out the importance of this exhibition in enhancing young people’s awareness of the local customs and traditions of each civilization and consolidating their connection to the authentic values ​​of society, considering the rapid developments witnessed in modern life. She added: Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center was chosen based on the great role they play in this field, and the huge heritage reserve in their archive.

She concluded by pointing out: “Hamdan Bin Mohamed Heritage Center’s rich publications, especially regarding proverbs and their translations into more than one language helped us form a deeper understanding of the Emirati heritage and the extent of its diversity.”

The exhibition offers its visitors a wide range of events and activities covering several cultures and civilizations of different countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, India, and Indonesia.