Dubai, December 25, 2021: The 22nd Fazza Championship for Youlah and 17th edition of Al Meydan Program, organised by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC), now moves to the quarterfinal round, with the selection of the last two Yuweels (participants) during Episode 4 on Friday night in Al Marmoom.

A total of 16 qualifiers coming from various parts of the UAE and other Arab countries competed in elimination round, with two Yuweels selected every Friday to move the next round before searching for the over-all grand winner who will be hailed as the Meydan Grand Knight.

Rashid bin Rakkad and Muhammad Al-Shehhi took the the last two cards in the fourth episode, joining Awad Al Ameri, Obaid bin Rakad, Maktoum Al Shamsi, Mansour Al Falasi, Fayyad Al Ameri and Ahmed Al Habsi in the quarterfinal round.

Episode 4

Ibn Rakkad collected 80 points and came first and Al-Shehhi got 60 points in second place, while Ghadeer Al-Ketbi and and Saeed Al-Ketbi collected 50 and 10 points respectively and were eliminated.

Ibn Rakkad and Al-Shehhi dominated the Youlah competition and collected 25 points each. Youlah is a heritage sport that involves spinning and throwing a replica rifle made of wood and metal plating

Meanwhile, in the swimming competition held during the week at Hamdan Sports Complex, Ghadeer Al-Ketbi and Al-Shehhi came dominant with each receiving 10 points.

In the 1,200-meter horse race, Saeed Al Ketbi and Al Shehhi achieved 20 marks each. While in the recitation of the poem “Fifty Years Before and After” by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Saeed Al Ketbi and Mohammed Al Shehhi showed their versatility and received  10 marks each.

In Saktoun rifle shooting, Ivn Rakad and Al-Shehhi garnered 15 points while in the camel race held on Friday at Al Marmoom camel race track, Ghadeer Al-Ketbi and Al-Shehhi outperformed the two others and collected 20 points each.

High level of competition

Nathalie Awadissian, HHC Director of Radio Stations Department, Media and Communication, noted: “This season, contestants who qualified have been empowered in various heritage competitions and have shown great merit and enthusiasm. We are now entering the quarterfinal round and the high level of competition only intensifies. There is also a strong appeal and following from the public who watch the weekly competitions at our new location at Dubai Camel Racing Club’s Al Marmoom Race Track.”

The competition is broadcast live over Al Oula Radio and Sama Dubai TV and posted on HHC social media platforms.