Dubai, 7 February 2022:  Over 3,000 elite falcons from the UAE and GCC have seen action in the first week of the 10th edition of Fakhr Al Ajyal (Pride of Generations) Falconry Championship organised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) at Dubai’s Al Ruwayyah desert area

Fakhr Al Ajyal, which will run until February 14, is an elite event for falconers from inside and outside the country looking for excellence through the competitions. 

Rashid Al Khasouni, HHC Director of Championships, said falconry racing is also a great gathering of fraternal meeting honouring traditional Arabian values of courage, honour and nobility as well as nature conservation, respect for animals and fostering camaraderie among falconers.

Here’s the list of winners in the General Public category (400-metre distance):

Pure Jeer run:  Abdullah Khalfan Al Qubaisi’s falcon named “Yasi” finished strong in first place with a time of 18.984 seconds, followed in closely in second place by Knights team’s “B1” (18.987 seconds), and Dubai team’s “Julmoud” in third spot (19.157 seconds).

Jirnas race: Dubai team topped with “Nakhli” finishing the race in 19.529 seconds, followed by Ahmed Hamdan Al Mazrouei’s “A1” (19.624 seconds), and Abdullah Khalfan Al Qubaisi’s “KB25” (19.649 seconds).

Jirnas main run: Ghanem Khalfan Al Mazrouei’s falcon named “Al-Bateen” came on top with a time of 19.385 seconds; followed by SS Falcon’s  “Samh” with 19.507 seconds, and Knights team’s bird “F16” (20.047 seconds).

Sultan Ahmed Al Falasi excelled in fourth race, with his bird named “R2” finishing in first place in 19.762 seconds; followed by Knights team’s “B8” (20.023 seconds), and Mai Khalfan Al Mansouri’s “Balaq” 20.499 seconds.

The Jeer Tihba run witnessed the Nad Al Sheba team winning in first place with “T43” finishing in 19.596 seconds, followed by Dubai team’s “Tuff” bird (19.837 seconds, then Qatari elite’s “T5” (19.851 seconds).

In another Jirnas race, Muhammad Ali Al-Asiri’s bird “T26” finished first (19.007 seconds), followed closely in second spot by Hamid Rashid Al-Mansoori’s falcon “Harb” (19.049 seconds) and third place was Khaled Nasser Al-Hajri’s bird “T100” (19.168 seconds).

Saif Jamal Al-Huraiz also grabbed first place his falcon “35” finishing in 18.745 seconds, followed by Khaled Nather Al-Hajri’s “T1288” (18.843 seconds), then Bahrain team’s bird “T14” (18.915 seconds) in third spot.

In the Jeer Shaheen run, the Qatari Elite team won first place with the bird named “Nightmare” finishing 17.274 seconds, followed by Dubai team’s bird “43”, then Khaled Nasser Al-Hajri’s falcon “Expo 2020” (17.406 seconds).

Muhammad Khalifa Al Jafila won first and second places in the next race with his bird “Samsam” flying strongly with a time of 16.699 seconds, then followed by his other falcon named “Buraq” (16.773 seconds); while Abdullah Khalfan Al Qubaisi’s bird “Dahab” came in third spot with at time of 16.807 seconds.

It was another exciting race in the next Jirnas run after Hamid Hamdan Amhi achieved first place with his bird “Bardan” finishing in 17.138 seconds, followed by Khaled Nasser Al-Hajri’s “Zindan” (17.220 seconds) and Abdullah Khalfan Al Qubaisi’s “Shaqran” (17.286 seconds).

In the final race, Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab Al-Hajri’s falcon “Barzan” finished first place with a time of 17.928 seconds, followed by Hamad Juma Al Falasi’s “G2” (17.980 seconds), and Ali Khaled Al-Nuaimi’s “Baroud” in third spot (18.064 seconds).