Wide range of special activities is organised as part of the Center’s commitment to social responsibility

Dubai, 22 November 2015: Dubai, 22 November 2015: In celebration of the National Day of the United Arab Emirates, the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) is organising a broad range of special events and activities in Dubai from 22 November onwards, as part of the Center’s commitment to social responsibility.

The special activities to mark the national occasion kick off on Sunday, 22 November with a cultural performance by a traditional Emirati troupe that will reflect the rich intangible cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Held at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, this activity will continue until 26 November 2015.

On the 24th of November, the Center will host an exclusive event at the American University in the Dubai. Traditional tents will be set up by the Center to welcome visitors and provide heritage lovers with a chance to acquaint themselves with the rich traditions of the UAE. A falconer will be present at the venue in order to give visitors the chance to have their picture taken with a falcon, as well as to highlight traditional professions and practices in the UAE such as falconry. A skilled Yaweel will also be on hand to keep visitors entertained with mesmerising Youlah performances.

Social responsibility

Commenting on HHC’s pioneering role in reviving the culture of the UAE and sustaining it among the younger generation, Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, Director of Events at the Center, said, “HHC celebrates all major national occasions in order to preserve and promote our Emirati Identity. Most of the activities and events organised by the Center are aimed at safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of the UAE, and we believe it is our social responsibility to urge and encourage all members of the UAE community to take part in, and contribute to, the revitalisation of our cultural heritage and facilitate its transfer to the next generation in order to preserve our Emirati identity.”

HHC will organise an open shooting tournament for staff in commemoration of National Day to promote the spirit of cooperation and unity amongst its employees. The Center will also celebrate National Day at the Dubai Women Establishment and organise field visits to Latifa Hospital in Dubai to offer support and care to patients.