[Dubai – United Arab Emirates, January 7, 2016] – Fans of the region’s traditional cultural pastimes flocked to the fourth day of the Fazza Championship for Falconry Telwah. Organised and supervised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC), the annual event is proving a big attraction for avian lovers, professional falconers and the general public, all keen to witness the spectacular performances on display of the two main categories ‘Sheikhs’ and ‘General Public’ and their sub-categories ‘Pure Jeer Jeernas’ and ‘Pure Jeer Farkh.’

Ms. Souad Ibrahim Darwish, Director of Championships at HHC, said: “One of the many achievements of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Centre has been to raise awareness among the general public about competitive falconry – perhaps the best known of the region’s traditional sports. In doing so, it has successfully revitalised a major heritage pastime of the country’s forefathers. This year’s edition of the Fazza Championship for Falconry Telwah has proved to be a huge success so far, evident in the large numbers of spectators that have been attending since it started at the beginning of the week.”

“We are pleased that a championship record has been broken in the time allowed between competing falconers from 1.5 minutes to one minute. This was realized thanks to the large number of contestants, their professionalism and dedication. Additionally, the competitions for GCC contestants will commence on Sunday 10th of January. It is our pleasure to welcome these competitors from our neighboring countries and we have prepared in advance for their participation,” she added.

Participating for the second time, Tommy Havemann-Mart, the sole British participant in the tournament, said: “I personally think we did very well, considering that this is the first time I have participated in the UAE with my Garmousha, which is a specific breed of falcon. I was very happy with the results I’ve achieved so far as I am new to this tournament. I have been helped a great deal by my friends, who assisted me in training and preparation for the event and I was delighted to receive a fantastic reception from everyone at the tournament; organisers, spectators and fellow competitors.”

“I am at a bit of an advantage in that I own a business that supplies nutrition for falcons, so I know the best ways to feed and nurture them in order for them to be extremely competitive. I received several high value offers for my birds during the tournament, but I politely refused. They are my life and livelihood and anyway, if I were to sell one, I would only go out and buy another falcon!” he added.