Dubai, February 12, 2022: The time has come and the cast is complete for the final round of the 22nd Fazza Championship for Youlah and 17th edition of Al Meydan Program, organised by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) in Dubai.

Fayyad Al Ameri was the last to qualify for the final round, after dominating Mansour Al Falasi during the last semi-final segment of the competition held on Friday night at Dubai Camel Racing Club’s Al Marmoom Race Track.

Al Ameri has set up a date with Awad Al-Amiri in the final, while Al-Falasi will meet Rashid Al-Rakkad to determine third place. 

Nathalie Awadissian, chairman of the Organising Committee of the Fazza Championship for Youlah and HHC Director of Radio Stations Department, Media and Corporate Communication, said: “As expected the final round will be very exciting, with both finalists giving their best to win the crown and lift the Fazza Golden Cup. Their skills in various Emirati heritage and traditional sports have been tested and honed during the competitions and they both rightfully have a big claim to win the championship.  

“This season, all contestants who have qualified have also been empowered in various heritage competitions and have shown great merit and enthusiasm. The high level of competition among Emiratis has a strong appeal and following from the public who watch the weekly competitions,” she added.

Semi-final result

Al Ameri started strong during the semi-final round as he dominated the swimming competition, held early in the week at Hamdan Sports Complex. He won the 75-metre race and got 10 points. 

Al Ameri also showed his mastery in Arabic poetry recitation supervised by poet Muhammad Al-Murr AlAbd, and scored 10 more markers. He likewise excelled in Saktoun shooting and added 15 more points.

Al Ameri also won the 1,200-meter camel race to get another 20 points. The main Youlah competition also went to Al Ameri, and he ended up with a total of 70 points.

Tough competitions

Rashid Al Khasouni, HHC Director of Championships, noted winning the Gold Cup requires diligence and keeping pace with the high level of competitions. He noted: “This season will not be easy, given the high level of competitions and challenges involved in the event, especially as we draw one step away from the final round,” he added.