The ‘Wathiqati’ initiative enables contributions from official and non-official sources, for both government entities and individuals to further the preservation of culture through the submission of historical documents, collectibles, and archived material.

What is a Document?

 A document is a type of material that researchers depend upon when studying history, and belongs to the period under examination by the academic. It contains data and information which may include details about what happened, when and where.

Types of Documents

  • Official and Non-Official Documents
  • Official and Non-Official Letters
  • Manuscripts
  • Different Types of Reports
  • Different Types of Contracts
  • Statistics
  • Images
  • Maps
  • Charts and Data Tables
  • Drawings and Manuscripts
  • Treaties
  • Laws and Pacts
  • Minutes of Sessions and Meetings
  • Biographies and Translated Materials
  • Literary Documents
  • News and Published Articles
  • Testimonies Issued by Governmental and non-Governmental Organisations
  • Recordings, Audio and Visual Interviews
  • Old Books


  • Preserving sources of information which assist in understanding, analysing and documenting the history and culture of the UAE.
  • Acting as custodian of documents and manuscripts under its care, ensure preservation and all the while protect these items from damage and loss, to safeguard the rights of document owners.
  • Creating a system to categorise documents for easier access.
  • Making all available documents easily accessible to researchers, students and other interested parties.
  • Establishing a resource centre equipped with all of the facilities necessary to preserve historical documents.
  • Contributing towards the conservation of available historical documentation, in order to preserve the intellectual, scientific and cultural heritage of the UAE.
  • Preserving documents so they can provide a strong historical reference for future generations.
  • Showcasing documents in local and international exhibitions and events, in order for the world to develop a better appreciation of the history of the UAE.