DUBAI, 5th January 2017: The Fazza Championship for Falconry Al Tilwah organized by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) has become a subject of research for an Indian professor as the competition continued in Dubai on Thursday 5th January.

The largest and most popular among the series of falconry championships, the Fazza Championship for Falconry – Tilwah, will continue until 12th January in the dedicated site in Ruwayyah area with the participation of elite contenders in various categories and groups.

Juma Rashid Al Maqoudi’s falcon clocked the fastest time of 18.295 seconds in the Pure Jeer Farkh (General Public) category on the fourth morning of competition as contestants competed to qualify for the finals.


Ms. Suad Ibrahim Darwish, Director of Championships at HHC, was proud to note that UAE has become a hub for tourists and researchers of falconry.

“We are glad that now heritage tourism is playing a vital role and the Fazza Championships specially the Falconry event, is attracting a lot of tourists, researchers and students from universities around the world. We are sustaining this culture through innovative methods by creating this championship and this is how heritage sports will be propagated in future,” she said.

A researcher from India Dr Zubair Medammal (University of Calicut) lauded the Fazza Championships overall and was amazed by the importance given to falconry in the UAE in particular and the region in general.

“This is the first of a kind. I came here to complete my research on falconry through this championship. I am shocked to see the high level of organization and participation. Studying how these falcons are trained for racing has enriched my research about falconry,” he said.


Pure Jeer Farkh (General Public)


The race to be among the top 10 qualifiers was intense despite Juma Al Maqoudi having three contestants in the finals of the Pure Jeer Farkh (General Public) category. His top entry clocked 18.295 seconds while two others recorded times of 19.119 and 19.148.


Khalifa Saif Mansouri’s falcon was second fastest clocking 18.577 followed by Jaber Al Ahmed bin Mijrin (18.707).


Khalifa Saif Mansouri and Dubai Falcon Center owner Hussain Nasser Lootah had two qualifiers apiece for the finals.


The top 10 qualifiers in this event are: 1. Juma Rashid Al Maqoudi 18.295 2. Khalifa Saif Mansouri 18.577 3. Jaber Al Ahmed bin Mijrin 18.707 4. Hussain Nasser Lootah 18.961 5. Hussain Nasser Lootah 19.055 6. Khalifa Saif Al Mansouri 19.095 7. Juma Rashid Al Maqoudi 19.119 8. Marwan Ahmed Mijrin 19.134 9. Juma Rashid Al Maqoudi 19.148 10. Hamid Rashid Al Tayer 19.188


Team F3-K spearheaded by falconer Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin dominated both the Jeer Tabaa Jernas and Jeer Tabaa Farkh in the Sheikhs category on Wednesday afternoon.


Jeer Tabaa Jernas (Sheikhs)


Saeed Suhail Sultan’s falcon clocked the fastest time of 18.101 in the Jeer Tabaa Jernas (Sheikhs) category in which all qualifiers were from Team F3K, including seven entries from Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin whose best falcon clocked 18.434.


The top 10 qualifiers in this event are: 1. Saeed Suhail Sultan (F3K) 18.101 2. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 18.434 3. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 18.451 4. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 18.519 5. Rashid Saeed (F3R) 18.587 5. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 18.601 6. Saeed Suhail Sultan (F3K) 18.644 7. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 18.737 8. Saeed Suhail Sultan (F3K) 18.821 9. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 18.880 10. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 18.969 75.91


Jeer Tabaa Farkh (Sheikhs)


Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin had the satisfaction of seeing his contestant clock the fastest time of 18.609 in the Jeer Tabaa Farkh (Sheikhs) category which saw all but one qualifier representing F3K. The entry of Mohammed Matar Markhan representing MRM Falcon was the ninth faster qualifier clocking 19.639.


The top 10 qualifiers in the Jeer Tabaa Farkh (Sheikhs) category are: 1. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 18.609 2. Rashid Saeed (F3R) 19.182 3. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 19.352 4. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 19.357 5. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 19.371 6. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 19.372 7. Rashid Saeed (F3K) 19.382 8. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 19.437 9. Mohammed Matar Markhan (MRM) 19.639 10. Khalifa Ahmed Mijrin (F3K) 19.651


The official sponsors of heritage events organized by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center are Al Tayer Motors, Land Rover, Dubai Airports, Dubai World Trade Center, AW Rostamani (Arabian Automobiles), Global Village and Al Oula Radio.