DUBAI, 25th March 2017: The Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) participated in the promotion of heritage aspects on the sidelines of the Dubai World Cup held at Meydan on Saturday 25th March.

Participating for the fourth consecutive year, the Center portrayed the rich Emirati culture and history through a colourful presentation of some of the ancient traditions of a people that integrates the modern extravaganza with the authenticity of the past.

Following this approach, HHC drew a new heritage canvas this year, spreading the aroma of authentic Arab customs as girls in their bright national costumes welcomed visitors and participants at the main entrances to the Dubai World Cup 2017 with buds of the oud to the rhythm of the popular performances by Al Harbia, Al Ayala and Liwa dance troupes.

The HHC also gave a presentation within the race program entitled ‘Alwannah’ for about 10 minutes.

Ibrahim Jumaa, Art Consultant at the HHC, spoke about the importance of selecting Emirati works, renewing them in terms of melody and delivery, and mixing the rhythms of the past with modern musical instruments and orchestra to draw new paintings of local folklore.

“This work contains the traditional tunes that we wish to translate. Since Al Ayala is performed without music, some light music is added to enhance the old melodies and bring us closer to contemporary rhythms,” he explained.

The Center’s advisor, Ibrahim Jumaa, thanked “Meydan” for allowing HHC to showcase heritage in the Dubai World Cup 2017,” he concluded.