Dubai, 18 May 2021: Under the patronage of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC), the 7th edition of Al Mtwassef Award (previously known as Al Mtwassef Competition) has commenced on 16 May and continues for three consecutive days. 

The Award, organized by Al-Qiyam Girls School Cycle 2, in Dubai’s Al Barshsa area, has three criteria: primary and secondary grades students, High School students and teachers, school staff and parents. This award calls for shortlisting candidates who are most adverse and informed about Emirati proverbs in order for them to win top places in this annual educational event.

The award revolves around Al Mtwassef book with its more than 400 Emirati proverbs. Students (boys and girls) joining the award this year from Dubai’s schools count to 206 in 2 criteria and 20 people in the remaining criterion of the award.  

Due to COVID-19 precautionary measures, the award continues to be held this year as well online via Microsoft Team. 

With the presence of H.E. Abdullah Hamdan Bin Dalmook, HHC’s CEO, and Fatima Saif Bin Huraiz, HHC’s Director of Research and Studies, the shortlisting process commenced with 50 students on the first day. 

For her part, Fatima Saif Bin Huraiz, HHC’s Director of Research and Studies, pinpointed the importance of spreading awareness of Emirati cultural heritage among school students. “The award has evolved over the years, drawing more schools, willing students, teachers and parents, thanks to its core motto of spreading awareness around informal Emirati narration, social values and colloquialism. For now, the award covers schools only in Dubai, but due to rising demand, we are working on an expansive plan to include Abu Dhabi’s schools in the near future alongside other Emirates.  We are proud to set the fundaments of our national identity in the new generation, thus realizing HHC’s vision of reinforcing national identity with the mission of sustaining an educational work frame ensuring the spread of awareness and general knowledge of our colloquial literature “, said Bin Huraiz.   

“Organizing the Award online due to Covid-19 precautionary measures has benchmarked efficacy. Generally, the UAE has proved its ability to surpass challenges moving forth to reap success in all sectors, meanwhile, fluffing its desired objectives. Hosting the award online and working as a team, has relieved students from emotional and mental stress and replaced it by a platform for innovation. This itself realizes our leadership’s vision of working to surpass any difficulties”, said Sharifa Ahmed, the Arabic language teacher and Chairperson of the Award.  

Panel of Judges

The panel of judges assigned for the Al Mtwassef Award includes Dr. Raed Al Haj, Aysha Al Ghais, Specialist in Arabic Language Curriculums, with the supervision of Sharifa Ahmed, Chairperson of Al Mtwassef Award.