Dubai, 11 February 2022:  The Sheikhs Category in the 10th edition of Fakhr Al Ajyal (Pride of Generations) Falconry Championship drew its conclusion on Friday, with Team F3, Al Dhafra and M7 coming out strong in the elite race. 

Organised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) at Dubai’s Al Ruwayyah desert area, Fakhr Al Ajyal is an elite event for falconers from inside and outside the country who looking for excellence through the competitions. Sheikhs Category is always the centrepiece of the competition, given the strong participation and tough competition among the falconers. 

HHC CEO Abdullah Hamdan Bin Dalmook crowned by the winners and thanked all falconers for their participation in and commitment to the falconry championship.

“Falconry is one of the UAE’s intangible cultural heritage that is passed on from generations. Thanks to these falconry championships and the wise leadership of the UAE that pay special attention to our heritage, we see everyone motivated to continue flourish this heritage sport. Falconry also provides participants of all ages an opportunity to showcase their abilities and compete in an atmosphere of brotherhood and love.


Garmousha category: Al Dhafra fnished in first place after covering the 400-metre distane in 18.578 seconds, followed by Team F3’s bird “90” in second place (18.794 seconds) and M7 falcon “A1” (18.993 seconds).

Team M7 achieved first place in the Jirnas run with “Sa’ib” finishing with a time of 18.382 seconds, followed by Al Dhafra’s “G110” (18.794 seconds) and Al-Nif’s bird “M80” (18.887 seconds).

Team F3 made a one-two finish in the following race with “G77” finishing first in 19.007 seconds, followed by “55” (19.142 seconds), then Al Dhafra’s “G411” (19.218 seconds).

Team F3 also won main Jirnas race with the bird Dou finishing in first place (18.712 seconds0, followed by Al Dhafra’s bird “G83” (18.727 seconds), and another F3 came in third spot.

Team F3 completed the triple win by dominating the final race with falcon “G29” finishing in first place with a time of 19.269 seconds, followed by Al-Nif’s “G5” (19.310 seconds) and Al-Wasl’s bird “G1” (19.431 seconds).