& Research

This department specializes in conducting research and studies that aim to introduce the history of the UAE’s intellectual, scientific and artistic heritage and contribute to the documentation of its customs and traditions.

The department’s objectives are to:

  1. Publish and print research and heritage studies
  2. Commission and fund books in the field of history and heritage of the UAE
  3. Collect, document and preserve the oral history and heritage of the UAE
  4. Establish partnerships with research and heritage centers within and outside the UAE
  5. Establish scientific chairs within educational institutions in the UAE and beyond
  6. Establish a specialized scientific library to emphasize the assemblage of references, scientific journals, specialized magazines, audio-visual and electronic materials as a highly credible source for studies and research in the UAE and elsewhere in the world
  7. Develop the skills and qualifications of Emirati researchers in the field of heritage while training them to document and preserve our history
  8. Encourage the involvement of UAE nationals in the scientific research of our heritage and the preparation of research studies within the Heritage Center
  9. Establish and organize various courses, seminars, lectures and scientific meetings in the field of the Emirati cultural heritage