Dubai, February 15, 2016 – Registration is now open for the Fazza Championship for Falconry – ‘Al Hay’ (Live Prey) 2016, which will be held between Thursday (February 18th) and Saturday (February 20th) at the Seeh Al Dahl area of Dubai.


Applications for the event, which is being organized and supervised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC), can be submitted using the smart app F3 Championship or via the center’s social media platforms.


The first day (Thursday) has been set aside for competitors from Dubai and the Northern Emirates, whereas GCC nationals and participants from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region are scheduled to participate over the weekend on Friday and Saturday respectively.


The tournament will be divided into two species of falcon, Shaheen and Tibah, and – for those wishing to compete – they’re advised to read the terms and conditions of the application form on the F3 Championship app and then register in person at the falconry tent at Gate Five in Global Village.


Organisers have received around 700 applicants since the registration process went live. Souad Ibrahim Darwish, the Director of Championships at HHC, said: “We have witnessed a growing demand to take part in this type of tournament in recent years by falconers from all across the United Arab Emirates and the GCC region.


“Hunting for live prey was one of the most important means of sustaining a livelihood throughout the Arabian Gulf in ancient times. It is fundamentally important that the Arab world prevents this rich cultural heritage from becoming extinct and we at the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) have a pivotal role to play in that particular regard. We have every intention of safeguarding our historical pastimes and pursuits by passing them down from generation to generation and through keeping track of the times at the various different Fazza Championships – which carry the moniker of His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai – the foremost supporter of our overall objective at the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center. I would like to welcome all of the participants to the Fazza Championship for Falconry – ‘Al Hay’ (Live Prey) and I wish them all every success at the tournament this year.”


Saif Belkadida, the Head of the Organizing Committee of the Fazza Championship for Falconry – ‘Al Hay’ (Live Prey), commented: “This tournament has seen a progressive increase in participation numbers and become a place of convergence for Emiratis and GCC nationals alike, especially among young people. Our priority over the past few years has been on the development of this competition in all respects and to provide all of the necessary requirements for the contestants – from wireless tracking devices to special falconry food and the allocation of sufficient time between the participating falconers. Another goal of ours is to raise the overall performance level of the competitors through an unending quest to develop the championship standards with regards to the accurate monitoring of in-flight speeds, the installation of smart rings during the registration process and the high-integrity management of the tournament in general.”


Belkadida added: “This tournament is widely recognized as one that attracts highly skilled professionals in the field of hunting and gathers some of the finest falcons from across the GCC region.”