Dubai, 16 January 2021: The curtain came down to conclude another season of strong season and great participation from falconers across the country and GCC in the main Fazza Championship for Falconry–Telwa, organised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center, in Al Ruwayyah area in Dubai. 

The organizing committee crowned the first place winners in a warm atmosphere and fraternal meeting that is renewed every year to celebrate this traditional sport in the best way.

Demethian Bin Suwaidan, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, said the large participation and high level of competitions this year “stemmed from everyone’s keenness to win the first places on one hand, and the constant quest of falconers to preserve this heritage sport on another hand.”

“Fazza Championship for Falconry is an annual event for falconers from inside and outside the country looking for excellence through the competitions. This is also a great gathering of fraternal meeting and high spirit as we celebrate falconry with the traditional Arabian values of courage, honour and nobility as well as nature conservation, respect for animals and the camaraderie among falconers.”


On Saturday, the Junior Category was held. Hamdan Suhail Al Kindi excelled with his bird “56” finishing in first place covering the 400-metre distance with a time of 21.949 seconds, followed very closely by Rashid Hamdan Al Kindi’ falcon “6” at 21.965 seconds. In third place was Ahmed Thani Al Muhairi’s bird “T23” (22.136 seconds).

During the finale of the championship, Team F3 dominated the first race as bird “S10” finished in first place with a time of 18.787 seconds. Second place went to Team M7’s bird “Amazing” (19.027 seconds) and third was another Team F3 falcon named “BK” (19.029 seconds).

Team M7 won the Jirnas race with the bird “Ramah” finishing in first place with a time of 18.401 seconds, followed by Al Dhafra’s bird “S26” at 18.463 seconds, and in third spot was Team F3’s bird “3” (18.469 seconds).

Al-Ylayes achieved first place in another race with bird “B29” finishing in 18.948 seconds to grab first place, followed by Team MRM’s bird “J1” (19.227 seconds) and Team F3 in third spot (19.268 seconds).

Team F3 bounced back to dominate the fourth race with the bird named “Arion” coming in first place with a time of 18.360 seconds, followed by Team Al Dhafra in second and third places.

Team F3 also won first place in another race as bird “016” covered the entire 400-metre distance in 18.996 seconds, followed by another Team F3 falcon “013” in second place and Team “Al-Ylayes” bird “B27” in third spot.