Dubai, January 9, 2021: Teams F3, Al Dhafra and M7 showed their dominance in the hotly-contested Sheikhs Category races at Fazza Championship for Falconry–Telwah on Saturday at Ruwayyah desert area in Dubai.

F3 registered a strong one-two finish in the Garmousha race after falcon “6” finished the 400-metre distance with a time of 17.155 seconds, while bird “90” closely followed in second place at 17.250 seconds. Team Al Dhafra’s bird “G316” came in third place with a time of 17.276 seconds.

Team M7 team dominated the Jirnas run as ‘Saaib’ came ahead of the flock with a time of 16.873 seconds, followed by the Al-Nif’s bird “M80” at 17.126 seconds, and in third spot was Al Dhafra’s “G110” (17.272 seconds).

Al Dhafra team also registered a strong one-two finish in the third race with falcon “G394” finishing in first place with a time of 17.831 seconds while bird “G28” came very close in second place at 17.898 seconds. Team M7 grabbed third place with a time of 17.912 seconds.

In the main Jirnas run, team F3 team grabbed first place with bird “G46” finishing in 18.183 seconds, followed by Al Dhafra’s “G83” (18.238 seconds) while F3’s other bird “197” came in third at 18.292 seconds.

Al Dhafra also achieved first place in the fifth race of the day, as “G248” came on top at 18.525 seconds, followed by Al-Nif’s “G1” at 18.537 seconds, and in third spot was F3’s “G45” (18.574 seconds).

In the Pure Jeer run, Team M7 grabbed first place with its falcon named “Gold” that finished in 17.183 seconds, followed by F3-S team in second and third places, with birds “B” and “B25” finishing in 17.223 and 17.251 seconds respectively.

Rounding up the other races: Team M7 won first place in the Jirnas run with the bird “Pharaoh” finishing in 17.303 seconds; F3-S team excelled in another Jirnas race with bird “B64” coming on top at 16.819 seconds; while Al-Nif team won the main run of Jirnas with bird “B19” registering a very remarkable speed at 16.387 seconds.

F3 yet dominated another race with a time of 16.312 seconds, followed by “MRM” with its bird “B9” (16.426 seconds), and finishing in third spot was Al-Wasl team’s bird “B3” at 16.444 seconds.

Local falcons are strong

The Sheikhs competition was distinguished by the strong presence of the locally-bred falcons. The teams also showed their skills in falconry with many birds breaking the 17-second barrier throughout the races.

Suhail Al Kindi, falconer of the F3 team, stressed the strength of the competition stems from the preparations and the work that everyone is doing in order to come out strongl during the races. “The atmosphere in general is perfect as always in this tournament,” he added.

Next run

On Mondya, January 10, the Open category will begin with races in various classes to determine the fastest falcons.