The Events Department at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center are an important executive arm in implementing the Center’s strategy, including being a part of every activity happening in the local community. It achieves this by utilising such opportunities to promote Emirati heritage, highlighting its deep human values and culture.

Camel Trek
The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center organised its first Camel Trek in January 2015. The 10-day journey across Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain, was led by the renowned Guinness World Record holder, Yemeni explorer Ahmed Al Qassimi. The convoy of 15 young Emiratis and their two guides covered a route of 200km on camel-back across the preassigned route, which was crossed using only traditional navigation methods. Participants were offered special training to ride the camels and used traditional means to draw the route and care for their camels before setting off on their journey of discovery. At the end of every journey, participants are awarded certificates for the activity. The celebration is usually held at Global Village. The entire journey...
Expo 2020
Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center has been appointed as the Heritage Strategic Partner for Expo 2020 – the Center will organize a wide range of events and activities to promote the UAE’s heritage and culture during Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai over nearly six months. The Center organised a special event on UAE’s National Day at EXPO Milan showcasing the country’s cultural heritage.
Heritage Village
Every year, the Center constructs a section illustrating an open museum model to showcase traditional Emirati life in the past. This model resembles a true Heritage Village, with houses built showing the story of the country’s evolution and reflecting the three different geographical natures of the UAE. For nearly six months, as per the duration of Global Village, the Heritage Village hosts various events and activities in celebration of culture, expressing the genuine Emirati hospitality, music and folk-art.
X-Cat racing
X-Cat racing is one of the world tournaments which HHC participates in to showcase UAE’s cultural elements including local troupes, hospitality and a number of activities so visitors can learn more about the country’s heritage.
Arabian Travel Market (ATM)
The Center designs its own stand at the Arabian Travel Market to showcase the Center’s efforts and visions to promote the country’s cultural tourism.
Dubai World Cup
DWC is regarded as one the most prestigious events that HHC participates in. HHC organizes a number of cultural and folk shows during various intervals at the main show of the tournament. At this international platform, HHC manages to add the country’s cultural attributes to audiences worldwide.
National Day
The Center organizes a number of events to celebrate this occasion. Troupes, Emirati hospitality, Henna Drawing and various activities are carried out at Heritage Village and different malls, to fulfil the Center’s key objective to showcase the country’s intangible culture and to reinforce national identity.
Eid Al Oud
HHC organises a large number of activities and events to celebrate Eid Al Oud (Al Oud is an Emirati term and means the big feast). The events vary from hosting national troupes, to hospitality including giving the Eid bounty (Eidia) to children, a custom followed by Muslim countries.