The Events Department at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center are an important executive arm in implementing the Center’s strategy, including being a part of every activity happening in the local community. It achieves this by utilising such opportunities to promote Emirati heritage, highlighting its deep human values and culture.


To become a credible source and a reference in safeguarding, preserving and promoting UAE’s cultural heritage nationally, regionally and internationally.


    • Enhance UAE’s national heritage, emphasize its values into the community and pass it on to the next generation.
    • Promote UAE’s heritage locally, regionally, and globally.
    • Document national heritage on the basis of studies and scientific research.
  • Organize cultural events that express UAE’s people and their environment and encourage local communities to participate.
  • Make cultural heritage an integral part of the national identity.

Vision and Objectives of the Events Department

In line with the objectives of Hamadan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC), of spreading awareness about UAE’s heritage, the Center’s Events Department was established to carry on preserving local culture and social heritage in order to preserve and promote the national identity.

The department uses various methods and means to organize events and activities as well as related initiatives to realize the Center’s vision. It lays down strategies and implements them based on best practices, innovation and excellence, targeting the youth and younger generations, residents and visitors. Moreover, through the Events Department, the Center seeks to participate in major events and other initiatives in the framework of serving the national agenda and the Center’s objectives.


The Events Department is divided into three sections, including Festivals, Cultural Activities and Heritage Sites to showcase the essence of true Emirati culture and bring it closer to the public.

The annual Camel Trek is an extraordinary journey, a test of endurance and a showcase of individual courage. It made its debut in 2014 with a number of Emiratis who challenged the desert dunes, following in the footsteps of their forefathers. The success of its first edition paved the way for more demand from residents who took up the challenge to relive the old ways of life in the UAE     The Camel Trek organized by HHC became a highly-anticipate annual event with many men and women of various ages and different nationalities were enthused to join the caravan.
Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center has been appointed as the Heritage Strategic Partner for Expo 2020 – the Center will organize a wide range of events and activities to promote the UAE’s heritage and culture during Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai over nearly six months. The Center organised a special event on UAE’s National Day at EXPO Milan showcasing the country’s cultural heritage.
Every year, the Center constructs a section illustrating an open museum model to showcase traditional Emirati life in the past. This model resembles a true Heritage Village, with houses built showing the story of the country’s evolution and reflecting the three different geographical natures of the UAE. For nearly six months, as per the duration of Global Village, the Heritage Village hosts various events and activities in celebration of culture, expressing the genuine Emirati hospitality, music and folk-art.
X-Cat racing is one of the world tournaments which HHC participates in to showcase UAE’s cultural elements including local troupes, hospitality and a number of activities so visitors can learn more about the country’s heritage.
The Center designs its own stand at the Arabian Travel Market to showcase the Center’s efforts and visions to promote the country’s cultural tourism.
The Center started organizing some events at Dubai World Cup 2014. Since then, the HHC, through its Events Department, has been promoting Emirati heritage at one of the most prestigious horse races in the world, where the presence of Arabian horses have been linked to the history of the region pre and post Islamic eras.
The Center hosts a number of events during special occasions in the UAE, including the Flag Day and National Day. A number of activities and events are organized that embody patriotism and love for the homeland.  Through the heritage-based celebrations the Center has been playing a vital role in strengthening social ties and promoting the national identity amongst the citizens, the youth and various residents.
Muslim countries celebrate their two feasts in different forms. The feast which follows the holy month of Ramadan – Eid Al Fitir and the feast of the sacrifice – Eid Al Adha, are referred to in Emirati dialect as the Small Eid and the Big Eid. For the annual Eid occasions, the Center organizes a series of activities in different locations across the UAE to promote the country’s traditions. The Center distributes Eidia (a sum of money given during Eid) and sweets to children during the various events and activities held during Eid.  
This section focuses on spreading awareness on the importance of heritage and its sustainability to ensure its continuation among the young and upcoming generation. From organizing forums, conferences, public events, workshops and poetry evenings to building ancient villages in the form of open museums. This section of the Events Department also participates in the festivals, celebrations and cultural events held locally and internationally to shed light on UAE’s cultural heritage, its civilization and human attributes.   The Heritage Village is considered one of the prime destinations which the Festivals Section is tasked to construct, organize and manage annually, throughout its six-month duration at the Global Village in Dubai.    The Heritage Village is built as an open museum to showcase...
The Center participates in this annual festival as one of the main sponsors and presents a number of events showcasing the Emirati heritage.
Under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum, wife of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) organizes a series of lectures given by prominent Muslim scholars during the month of Ramadan every year. The program was first introduced in 2014 and through the years, the HHC has been organizing lectures at various mosques across the UAE. In the program’s fifth edition, lectures of Huboob El Kheir, were held for the first time in a number of languages for the purpose of strengthening the ties among community members and promoting multi-culturalism in the country.    
In the Mid of Shabaan (Hijri month), fifteen days before the Holy Month of Ramadan, celebrations are held on this night known as Haq Al Leila. In the old days, people in the neighborhood used to celebrate this night especially among the children. Today, the Center continues to organize Haq Al Leila events in various malls every year, giving away goodie bags and gifts to children to fill their hearts with joy and to revive this past social practice that bonds members of the community.