Dubai, January 15, 2022: Fayyad Al-Amiri showed grace and composure as he clinched the second ticket to the Golden Square, the semi-final round of the 22nd Fazza Championship for Youlah and 17th edition of Al Meydan Program.

Organised by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC), the event was held on Friday evening at Dubai Camel Racing Club’s Al Marmoom Race Track. Two Yuweels (participants) are battling every Friday to move to the next round before an over-all grand winner will be hailed as the Meydan Grand Knight.

Al-Amiri handily outscored Obaid bin Rakkad, 60-40, as he excelled in four of the six competitions, including swimming, camel race, horse riding and poetry reading, while Ibn Rakkad showed his marksmanship in the Saktroun rifle shooting and public voting in Youlah.

In the swimming competition that was held earlier in the week at Hamdan Sports Complex, Al-Amri finished first in the 50-metre race and obtained 10 points. He also won in the 1,500-meter horse race, held in cooperation with the Dubai Mounted Police, and grabbed another 20 points.

In poetry reading, supervised by poet Muhammad Al-Murr Bel-Abd, Al-Amiri again excelled and earned 10 marks. He also finished on top in the camel race and got another 20 points.

Ibn Rakkad, meanwhile, got 15 points in Saktoun rifle shooting and another 25 points in Youlah public voting.

High level of competition

Nathalie Awadissian, chairman of the Organising Committee of the Fazza Championship for Youlah and HHC Director of Radio Stations Department, Media and Corporate Communication, said: “This season, contestants who qualified have been empowered in various heritage competitions and have shown great merit and enthusiasm. The high level of competition among Emiratis has a strong appeal and following from the public who watch the weekly competitions at our new location at Dubai Camel Racing Club’s Al Marmoom Race Track.”

Rashid Al Khasouni, HHC Director of Championships, was present on Friday, which was broadcast live over Al Oula Radio and Sama Dubai TV and posted on HHC social media platforms.