Fazza Championship for Shooting Saktoun Rifle

Fazza Championship for Shooting – “Saktoun Rifle” caters to three different categories of participants: men, women, and juniors. In order to preserve the heritage aspect of the sport, all participants are strictly required to compete using the traditional Saktoun gun. Prior to the championship’s official start, participants undergo special training at Dubai Police’s shooting field in Al Ruwayyah, where they are provided all necessary equipment and amenities to train and prepare for the event.

The championship is notable for the large number of participants it attracts in the women’s category, as well as the sizeable contingent of participants from the Gulf States, particularly the Sultanate of Oman, known for their exceptional skill in handling the Saktoun rifle. The championship aims to identify promising young talents in order to groom them to become future champions in shooting and enable their participation in regional and international championships including the Olympics