Dubai, 3 March 2022:  Excitement is rising as the final round of Fazza Championship for Saktoun Shooting draws near. A total of 56 teams and 112 shooters are aiming for the the top prize at the annual heritage sport organised by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) at Dubai’s Al Ruwayyah desert area.

The last qualifying round in the Men’s Open category will be held onFriday, March 4, and the championship event will be on Saturday, March 5.

Brigadier General Mohammed Obaid Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Tournament Organizing Committee, earlier said this year’s edition of Fazza Championship for Saktoun Shooting  has recorded the most number of participants, with more than 2,000 male and female shooters competing in the five categories:  Men’s Open; Women’s; Juniors (Boys) Juniors (Girls), and Shooting Plates.

The Men’s Doubles in the Shooting Plates category will have 56 teams or 112 shooters divided into 7 groups, with 8 teams in each group. 

The first group includes Matar Al-Laili and Hamdan Juma’a against Hussain Al-Hadrami and Ahmed Al-Hadhrami; Younis Al-Siyabi and Auf Khasib against Sultan Saleh and Abdullah bin Dalmouk; Majed Al-Salmi and Hazaa Salem against Rashid Khamis and Rashid Al Badi; Salem Saeed and Ghaith Saeed against Ali Al Mazrouei and Ali Al Derei.

The second group will see Saeed Al-Qaydi and Muhammad Al-Qaydi against Khaled Al-Kalbani and Muhammad Al-Kalbani; Ghaleb Al-Harassi and Musa Al-Salami against Jassem Al-Mashali and Fahd Al-Farsi; Walid Salem and Saeed Al-Kalbani against Muhanna Al-Maamari and Ali Al-Maamari; Mohsen Al-Kalbani and Abdul Rahman Abdullah against Hammoud Al-Siyabi and Nasser Seif.

In the third group, Nouman Al-Darai and Jassem Al-Mashali will go against Suleiman Al-Awfi and Khasib bin Khalfan; Saqr Muhammad Fahm and Saeed Al-Kaabi against Mahmoud Al-Toobi and Sakhr Al-Toobi; Hilal Saeed and Saif Hammoud against Ahmed Mansour and Hussein Al-Jabri; Hamad Al-Kaabi and Muhammad Al-Kaabi against Ahmed Al-Kaabi and Muhammad Al-Kaabi.

Fourth group will have Hamid Al-Maamari and Omar Al-Maamari against Khalifa Al-Kalbani and Hussein Al-Kalbani; Majid Saeed and Asad Ali against Rashid Al-Yamahi and Muhammad Al-Jabri; Badr Al-Siyabi and Khamis Al-Siyabi against Asaad Al-Maamari and Youssef Bashir; Asaad Rashid and Salem Saeed against Hazza Al-Kalbani and Ibrahim Ali.

In the fifth group, Sultan Al-Siyabi and Muhammad Al-Siyabi will be pitted against Saleh Al-Shabibi and Badr Al-Habsi; Younis Al-Hadrami and Mamoun Al-Hadhrami against Radwan Suleiman and Suhail Khalfan; Sultan bin Khalfan and Ali Al-Maamari against Saeed Fahm and Ayesh Al-Qaydi; Salem Al-Derai and Mahmoud Al-Dari against Suleiman Al-Shakili and Mahmoud bin Awad.

The sixth group will have Qahtan Al-Siyabi and Nasser Al-Siyabi against Yahya Al-Siyabi and Mana Saeed; Abdullah Salem and Hamed Abdullah against Hisham Khalfan and Hashem Khalfan; Abdullah Hamad and Salem bin Saeed against Salem Seif and Abdullah Juma; Jacob Al-Siyabi and Sultan Ahmed against Ali Al-Farsi and Saif Al-Farsi.

Last group will see Khaled Al-Siyabi and Amer Al-Siyabi against Hamid Al-Darei and Ali Saeed; Alaa Al-Tobi and Essam Al-Tobi against Walid Khalfan and Aziz Al-Hadhrami; Khaled Al-Qaidi and Rashid Al-Kaabi against Marwan Al-Sabi and Ali Al-Siyabi; Ismail Al-Salami and Rashid Mubarak against Salem Seif and Issa Al-Farsi.